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After verifying your account from the email sent to you from PeopleString do the following within PeopleString.  PeopleString shares 70% of their advertising Revenues with it’s membership base.  Pay is based on total overall People Points, number of referrals and other general participation within the site.  Since this will fund all your future activities in Careers For Life, we would recommend you become familiar with PeopleString by viewing their FAQ’s and visiting their Forum.  NOW FOR THE EASY 100 PEOPLE POINTS!

A. Login to your Account = 10 People Points
B. Perform a Google Search on any subject = 10 People Points
C. Click on Your PeopleString Mail Box to Check your Mail = 10 People Points
D. Click on the Mail Box/Cash Box Icon to review available surveys = 10 People Points
E. Click on a Topic in the SHOPPING box = 10 People points
F. Log out of PeopleString.  You have just earned 50 People points in less than 5 minutes

You can do this twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening for a total of 100 People points per day.
***Important Hint:  If you login at 11:55 am and perform the tasks above, you can login again at 12:01 pm and perform them again giving you the 100 People Points in 10 minutes.

It is CRITICALLY important that Everyone and I mean Everyone, fill out the short survey information when they click on the “MAILBOX-CASHBOX” to have cash offers mailed to their Post Office address.  This is worth $.50 cents to your referrer and adds up quickly.

Other ways to earn People Points:

A. Play the “Guess Which Hand” game for a chance to win 30 People Points = You can play once every 1/2 hour
B. Play “People String Lotto” for a chance to win up to 1000 People Points = You can play once very 4 hours
C. Spin the “PeopleString Prize Wheel” = 1 spin for signing up and 1 spin for every person you sponsor

The more PeopleString points you have the more you share in the ad revenue.  It’s that simple.

You will also need to go into Settings – Account Settings to select your time zone!
You will also need to go into Settings – PeopleString Settings to enter your W-9 information and Payment Selection:
You can select Bank Account ACH transfer or
You can select Alertpay as your payment option:  Get Your free AlertPay account by clicking:



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