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When you put forth the effort and no money upfront, you can earn a living on the internet working from home with your computer.  All the programs except one in Marketing Pond are FREE to join.  So skip the one that isn’t free.  The point is to pool your resources for FREE money opportunities into one link: Marketing Pond!

Marketing Pond is a free money site where you  join a number of free money programs (paid surveys, paid to click, paid to surf, etc) and earn money from all of them. By referring people to Marketing Pond, through Careers for Life, you’ll also get referrals for each of the programs in the pond.

Your personal earnings will depend on the amount of time you put into recruiting new People into the Careers for Life job path.   The amount you can earn with each program is limited. That’s why Marketing Pond includes so many programs, so that you can work all of them and earn a decent amount each month.

The real earnings potential comes from referring other people to Marketing Pond. In each of the free money programs, you earn a portion of what your referrals earn.  If  you alone can make $100 a month using  the free money programs and you’ve recruited 10 people under you and they each may make $100 a month, you’ll earn a portion of their earnings, too (the exact amount depends on the specific free money program…some give you as much as half of what your referrals earn).


First things First.  Because there are so many programs that make up Marketing Pond it is vital that you do the following things:

1. Have an effective Pop-Up Blocker – Mozilla Firefox browser has a built in one!

2. Have a good Anti-Virus program – I would recommend Super AntiSpyware Free Edition.

3. Set up a new GMAIL email account just for Marketing Pond using the following format:   where xxx = your initials and ## is 01,02,03 etc. if necessary.

4. If using Firefox, get the GMAIL Manager Addon to manage your various GMAIL accounts easily.


Join the programs in this order, selected from the green column on the left.  You may already be a member of some of these programs so just use your existing referral id and place it in the open box on the programs list on the right and press update on the bottom of the page.  If not, join them and follow the same procedure to update with your referral id’s.  Just click on the program name and locate the join or sign up link to join.  Your recruiters name should appear somewhere in the sign up process:

1. MP Programs and Stats

2. PTC Programs

3. PTR Programs

4. GPT Programs

5. Other Programs

6. Low Risk Programs

7. Traffic Exchange Programs

8. Marketing Pond Forum – Spend some time on the forum to get great ideas on how to increase your earnings potentials within Marketing Pond.

Then just respond to emails, surf, get paid to click, take survey and even do paid to sign up offers if you would like.  Just make sure to keep a record of the date you need to cancel by so you do not get charged.  This is a great way to make some fast cash but you must stay on top of it or it could end up costing you.

You’ll notice that Peoplestring is a site within Marketing Pond that we are having you join separately because the opportunity to earn is really great if you follow the daily instructions found in the Peoplestring Tab.

Then just make sure that everyone you recruit into Careers for Life is joining Marketing Pond right along with you.

3b. POST THIS AD at the various sites listed below.  You may need to register with all these sites.


Craigslist (only post one per day on craigslist)
Google base
Home page
Active rain
Twitter Facebook
Wal-mart classifieds

Americanet classifieds
Myspace classifieds
Northbay classified

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